How do I get help with technical problems I’m experiencing with ALLBLK?

Click the Customer Support link in the footer, and fill out the help request form.

How much does ALLBLK Cost?

The subscription costs are $4.99/month or $49.99/year.

How many videos can I watch in a month?

You can watch as many of the available programs as many times as you like, as long as you are an ALLBLK subscriber.

How often are movies added?

New content is added weekly. Make sure to follow us and sign-up for our monthly newsletter to keep up on our new releases.

Can I access the service outside of the United States?

Not at this time. In order to subscribe to ALLBLK, you must be a resident of the U.S.

Are there closed captions or subtitles available on ALLBLK programs?

Yes, closed captioning is available on our programs. Look for the closed caption setting in the Settings & Help menu. On the web, the film synopsis indicates if captions are available. On the watch page, please look for the [CC] button in the bottom right corner to turn captions on or off.

How do I expand the program to fill my screen?

If you hover over the area at the bottom of the player screen, you should see controls pop up including pause, scrubber bar (for fast forward/rewind), time information, volume, and a full screen button in the bottom right corner — it looks like a small rectangle with another rectangle inside of it. If you click on this it will make the player go into full screen mode.

How do I give an ALLBLK subscription as a gift?

We currently do not have a formal gifting program, however you may simply purchase an annual subscription for someone else by setting the user credentials to their email address and intended password provided that the receiver is at least 18 years old and otherwise complies with the Terms & Conditions of our service. Please be aware however, that if you choose not to renew the annual gift subscription at the end of a year, the subscription will need to be canceled in the account settings.


What do I get with my ALLBLK subscription?

Subscribers enjoy unlimited access to over 500 hours of programming with more added every month.

How do I renew my subscription?

A monthly subscription will automatically renew each month. To renew your annual subscription, you will need to log in, then select “Account” from the top right corner of the screen, then select “Renew Subscription”.

I have a monthly subscription. How do I cancel it?

To cancel your trial or your monthly subscription, sign in and select My Account in the upper right. Click “Edit Subscription”. Then click “Cancel” and confirm.

I purchased my membership via iTunes. How do I manage or cancel my account?

For security and privacy reasons, Apple has set up an iTunes subscription management and billing system so that you have full control over your in-app purchases and cancellations of ALLBLK from within your own iTunes account. ALLBLK does not have access to your iTunes account. If you need further assistance, please click here to contact iTunes Support. https://www.apple.com/support/itunes/contact


I am having problems signing in to ALLBLK, what do I do?

Please ensure that you are using your original email address that you used to place your order/trial for ALLBLK.

Please remember that your password is case-sensitive. If you cannot remember your password, please use the “Forgot Password” link to reset it. This will be a link sent by email, so be sure to check your spam or junk folder if it does not arrive (please make sure that you put Support@ALLBLK.tv on your allowed email list). If you do not remember what email address you used to sign up, please contact us at Support@ALLBLK.tv to retrieve it.


Am I able to try it before I buy it?

Every new user will be entitled to one 7 day free trial of ALLBLK. We encourage everyone to take advantage of that opportunity to make sure that the service works properly for you and is what you expect it to be.

All you need to do is go to ALLBLK.tv and sign up for the free trial which includes setting up an account with billing information. Once your 7 day trial is over then you will be charged until you cancel your subscription

If you don’t wish to be charged, just go into Account and then “Edit Subscription” and select “Cancel” before your 7 day trial is over. You may be asked to sign in again.

If this is a free trial then why is there a charge on my credit card statement?

You may see a charge authorization pending on your credit card statement, in particular if you used a Discover or American Express cards. In order to verify that you have an account in good standing, these companies require a “pending authorization” on file. However, you will not be charged anything until after your free trial period has ended.

Why do you require a credit card from me for a free trial?

We are following the standard practices of the other streaming subscription services and requiring billing info as part of the trial sign-up process. Not only is this standard practice but it also gives us an added layer of security for our programming. We are only allowed to show these programs to customers in the U.S. To be secure, we are using both IP address as well as credit card information to verify location.

How do I cancel the free trial before I get billed?

To avoid being billed for the first month, just cancel by going to My Account, then “Edit Subscription”, then “Cancel”. You may be asked to sign in again and confirm your selection.

Why won’t you accept my email address for a new account?

If you already have an email address in our system you will need to use this email to sign into your account. You can then proceed with adding the required billing information that’s part of the Free Trial signup now.


I’m having a problem getting the program to play. It keeps buffering, stopping and starting, and just won’t play smoothly. How can I fix this?

Usually this problem is caused by wireless strength or Internet speed issues. ALLBLK requires consistent bandwidth of 1600 kbps (or 1.6 mbps) or above. Or you can also check with your internet provider to see if your capabilities can be improved. If bandwidth is not an issue, then please use the Help link in the footer.

What are the system requirements for ALLBLK?

For the best experience use a web browser configured as described below:

Browser: at or above — Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 30, Safari 7, Chrome 35, or Opera 12

Browser Plug-ins: Most recent versions of JavaScript for your browser

or Adobe Flash Player (13.0 or above ideally) or Quicktime player on iPad/iPhone

Internet Connection: Broadband internet access optimal if 1.6 mbps or above

Typically, the default settings on your Web Browser will operate fine. For example, JavaScript is enabled by default on most browsers. For optimal performance on return visits, using the “enabled cookies” setting is recommended. Please also make sure that you do not have a Firewall enabled. We have also found that the Google Chrome browser (which updates Flash automatically) has worked very well for many customers who are experiencing issues. You may download Google Chrome for free at www.google.com/chrome.

How do I turn up the volume on ALLBLK?

If you hover over the bottom of the screen, a toolbar will appear — this has a volume control on it, so you should make sure it’s turned all the way up (use your cursor/finger to move the ball to the far right).

Make sure that your computer/tablet speakers are turned up.

Try using headphones which usually helps a great deal.


When will there be an ALLBLK app available?

You can access ALLBLK on your computer and on mobile devices through the browser, as well as, through the ALLBLK channel on Roku and Amazon Fire TV Stick. We also have an app available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. We are working on Android, and other mobile devices, as well as more applications that make it easier to access ALLBLK via your living room television. We’ll keep members posted as applications are completed.

Am I able to watch ALLBLK on my television set?

If you have a Roku streaming box, stick, or TV then you can add the ALLBLK channel, sign in and start watching. If you have an Apple TV box, as well as an iPad or iPhone, then you can access ALLBLK by downloading the app in the App Store. If you have Google Chromecast you can use a Chromecast device and the Google browser on your computer and be able to cast the picture to your TV. If you have Amazon Fire TV then ALLBLK is available for Amazon Prime members as an add-on subscription for the Amazon Video app and as a stand alone app. You may also be able to attach your computer to your TV via an HDMI cable, depending on the make & model of your television set.

We are striving to make ALLBLK accessible via as many devices as possible, we’ll keep you posted as we develop new options.

How do I watch ALLBLK on my tablet device?

For the iPad, please download the ALLBLK app and login with your user name and password

On most tablet devices, you just need to open the site in the browser on your tablet. You will need to sign in and then you can watch as you would on your PC. ALLBLK runs intermittently on many of the most popular devices, however, we understand that ALLBLK does not run on ALL tablet devices, and some of the tablets that used to work no longer do. This is because there are a number of tablets with a version of Flash that cannot be updated, or that use a Web Kit that does not display our player properly. We apologize for this inconvenience. We are working to build applications as quickly as possible to make ALLBLK accessible to everyone.

Why doesn’t my Android tablet play ALLBLK?

Unfortunately, not all Android devices support Flash or HTML5 video. Please upgrade to the most recent versions of your device Operating System and preferred web browser to provide the best user experience of ALLBLK.

How do I scroll through the collections at the bottom of the home page on my desktop?

Find the collection slider you’d like to search through, hover your mouse over the movies, the cursor should change from an arrow to a hand. Click and hold on a movie and slide left or right, through the collection. You can also click the lead square with the collection name and it will link you to the main page of that specific collection with all of its coinciding titles.

PLEASE NOTE: These are some of the “frequently asked questions” we anticipate receiving from users. If you do not see your question answered here, please visit the help page to contact us with your questions and we will do our best to provide you with an answer.